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Singing in the Vaalpark High School choir is a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for students who have a passion for music and performance. The sense of unity and harmony achieved through singing with a group can create a strong sense of community and provide opportunities for personal growth and expression.

Public Speaking

Public speaking at Vaalpark High School is a rewarding experience for students who are able to overcome their fears and deliver a compelling message. The skills learned through public speaking, such as effective communication and persuasion, can be applied to many areas of life and provide valuable career opportunities in the future.


Participating in debate at Vaalpark High School level is a stimulating and intellectually challenging experience for students who enjoy critical thinking and persuasive argumentation. The opportunity to research and defend a position on a variety of topics can broaden students’ perspectives and develop their communication skills, making debate a valuable extracurricular activity for many high school students.


Participating in the Uniting Christian Students’ Association (UCSA) at Vaalpark High School is a supportive and uplifting community for students who share a Christian faith. The opportunity to connect with like-minded peers, engage in faith-based discussions, and participate in service projects can deepen students’ spirituality and provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Mr & Miss Vaalpark High

Participating in the Mr. and Miss Vaalpark pageant is an exciting and memorable experience for students who enjoy fashion, public speaking, and performing. The competition can provide opportunities for personal growth, self-expression, and confidence-building, while also promoting school spirit and community involvement.  This popular pageant takes place in the prestigious Etienne Rousseau Theatre in Sasolburg and is THE gala-event on the calendar each year.


Participating in a Bowl-a-Thon at Vaalpark High School is a fun and engaging way for students to raise funds for a cause while enjoying a social activity with friends. The friendly competition and teamwork involved in bowling can create a sense of camaraderie and community.


Participating in chess at Vaalpark high school can be a mentally stimulating and rewarding experience for students who enjoy strategic thinking and problem-solving. The game can teach important life skills such as patience, critical thinking, and concentration, and provide opportunities for friendly competition and personal growth.

Vaalpark High Kiewiets

Vaalpark High Kiewiets is a youth movement focused on serving the community and school, while also enjoying themselves. Their foundation is built on love for God, community, and the environment. Anyone can join this dynamic group and participate in their initiatives, such as fundraising for various causes or cleaning up areas like parks and recreational facilities. They also engage in outreach projects and defend important causes like saving the environment and reducing waste. Along with all their hard work, the Kiewiets also have fun, organizing events like all-nighters at school and excursions to places like Emerald Resort.

Join the Vaalpark High School team today and enjoy an awesome high school experience!

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